Backup RBD
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Backup RBD is a small utility to backup Ceph RBD images. It was created due to not trivial copy process of RBD images. For example you are running virtual machine and using Ceph RBD image as a virtual drive. So it is changing while machine is running. To backup it somewhere to another location you must stop the machine, copy RBD image and only after that start it again.

The utility automates backup procedure in this way: all backup procedure is divided into two parts: snapshot creating and copy procedure. So down time of virtual machine is reduced to minimum. You stop it, launch "snapshot" stage of Backup RBD utility, start machine, launch "backup" stage of Backup RBD utility.

Of course the steps are too simple to create an application but it is verbose and errorchecking =). Feel free to use it.

Backup RBD is distributed under GNU General Public License. You can download and use the code freely even in commercial software but you must open your code too.